Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ack! Burned Retinas!!!

Soapbox out:

I've seen some pretty horrible outfits lately. What is with these leggings and when are they going to disappear again? THEY ARE NOT PANTS!

Seriously if I wanted to see your underpants, I would walk into your bedroom and pants you!  Also, I have enough cellulite thank you very much, I don't want to see yours!

Since when did wearing underwear as pants become OK?

The worst part is the little girls at school are wearing them as pants. When did we stop being parents and let our daughters leave the house looking like, well, ladies of the night, frankly!  I have teenage boys and I can tell you, they don't want to see your daughter's panty line anymore than I do.

Just so you know, the companies that specialize in leggings even say they are not to be worn as pants.

853 North posted a blog about this and the FIRST thing  they say in their How to Wear Leggings post is "Lets start at the beginning: Leggings are footless tights, they are not pants. They should not be worn as pants." 

They go on to say "Make sure your rear is covered, a shirt that covers your underwear line front and back should always be worn with leggings. "

Please do the rest of us a favor and wear leggings PROPERLY if you feel the need to wear them at all! Make sure your panty line is covered and if I can see every bulge in your thighs, well, some images can't be burned off my retinas. Thanks.

*end rant*


  1. I once saw a woman whom was only wearing leggings....and underneath.....a thong! Yup on the back of a motorcycle! Totally got mooned! Even my son was disgusted and commented she needed to put clothes on!

  2. Ok there should be a fine or something for that! Uhhh! I am cringing just picturing that! Thanks for the mental image, Karen!


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