Wednesday, September 25, 2013

People Gotta Eat!

Hey there! *big grins*

Today I helped Mommy and Daddy and my big brothers and sister deliver fliers for the food drive our church is doing this weekend. We are gonna collect food for the food bank! I worked real hard being cute and chewing on my fingers so people walking by could see how important the drive is. We gotta make sure the kids in our city get more to eat than their fingers! They might taste really good, but fingers don't have much nutritional value. I think

Monday, September 23, 2013

Love at First Sight

Hi world! Cadadoodle's Mommy popping on here...I am stealing the soapbox from Cadadoodle for the night (she is in bed anyways). It is late, please forgive my rambling.

How is it that someone so tiny can so totally steal your heart? I mean babies take WAY more than they ever give back. From the first moment you hold them, you can be more in love with another person than you ever thought possible! And you never stop loving them so much, no matter how old (or difficult) they get. Even though you feel so much love, when you have more babies, your heart doesn't have trouble loving each one of them just as much! I have realized that having Cadadoodle has made me love my older kids even more, and made my step kids more connected to me. Now how does THAT work? (Shhh! Don't tell the older kids that, they all think Cadadoodle is my favorite, can't let them get to thinking they are special! heehee)

When my first baby was born,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Do the Booty Shake!

Guess what I can do!!!!




That is right! I can roll over! Yeah I did it!
Do the Booty Shake!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Talk About RUDE!

Hello! *grins*

Mommy took me to this strange place today! When we got there I was sleeping in my car seat (playing with your hands takes a lot out of you ya know!) I didn't wake up until Mommy took me out of my seat and started undressing me, IN FRONT OF STRANGERS!!! There was a little boy being undressed to, right next to me! How embarrassing! It was not very polite!

Then she put me on this wiggly thing that didn't feel very stable AT ALL! This strange lady told Mommy I weighed 15 lbs 6 oz. I was a bit disappointed! I thought I would have been at least 16 lbs. I am gonna have to amp up my eating plan if I am EVER gonna catch up to all my big brothers!

After she put my clothes back on, we went into another room. There were cool things hanging from the ceiling, I liked them, they spun and danced. Another lady started talking to mommy and me, she was asking lots of questions so I started telling her all about myself. I was just telling her about my thumbs when mommy started hugging me really tight! I didn't really think it was nice of her to interrupt me like that! I like it when Mommy hugs me though so I snuggled her back and can you believe what that lady did?!?!? She JABBED me! I mean, come on! Who goes around sticking things into babies? It hurt so bad that I yelled at her! So do you know that lady did?? She jabbed me 2 more times!?! In my 3 months, I would have never thought there was such nasty people out there! And then she went on talking to me and saying I would be fine and trying to get me to smile for her! FINE? FINE?? NOT A CHANCE lady! You blew it with your jabby jabby hands! At least Mommy seemed like she knew the pain I was in. She cuddled me lots and I finally calmed down enough to have some booby juice. I don't think we will EVER go visit those horrible ladies again!

I don't feel very good tonight, that was quite the ordeal today! I am going to just snuggle my mommy in my sling and have a sleep! Good night!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gotta Keep That Training Schedule

Helloooo world! How is everyone doing out there? I am having a great day!

First, mommy and me took all the big kids to school. I rode in the sling cause I am more special than the big kids. Everyone at the school says I am the cutest baby, Miss Allyson said I was SMOOTCHABLE! Not sure what that means but she pinched my cheek and smiled at me so I smiled back.

I met a friend at the park. She is older than me but I think the 7 month gap will close as we get older. I can tell she is gonna be my future bff cause she smiled at me. I smiled back.

Mommy put a silly dress on me today! I didn't like it, so I had to

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