Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Funny Bunny

A little pre-Easter humor:

When my older kids were little, we had a bunny rabbit. One of those cute lop eared ones with the draggy ears. His name was Leo the Lop and he would play with my oldest  son (ehem well my son thought he was playing... Leo really liked my son and "hugged" him often). He was litter box trained so we just let him run around the house like a cat. He didn't like the lino though and would just stay on the carpet.

My second oldest son was in playschool at the time and I decided that bringing the bunny in for show and tell just before Easter was a great idea! Leo would walk on a leash, so I took him in the car the block and a half to the playschool, with the leash tied around the back of the seat.

Leo was a hit! The kids loved him, he hopped around the circle giving all the kids bunny wiggly nose kisses and my second son was the most popular kid in school that day!

At the end of the day, I took Leo out to the car and tied him back onto the front seat, then went in to get my son and help the teacher a bit. 2 minutes later, my oldest son asked if he could get the keys to the car so he could put his backpack in the car. He came back down and was helping tidy up.

When we got back to the car, I discovered that my keys were now locked inside the car, next to Leo. PERFECT! (Now animal activists calm down, it was a mild day, not hot enough to cook my rabbit nor cold enough to freeze him) It took AMA 30 minutes to come to unlock the door.

As the mechanic was jimmying my passenger side door, he burst into laughter and stepped back to let us all see the most amazing thing you can imagine! My Leo, yes my horney bunny had hopped across the seat leaving ..... Not little pellets like you would expect.... No.... He had laid a Cadbury Cream Egg!

Heehee well actually I had bought a cream egg and left it on the seat so I could eat it later and he happened to be sitting on it.


  1. Lol, wow I didn't know you could litter box train a bunny! And a leash? :O

  2. Oh yeah, they are smart like cats! lol But much more cuddly!


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